TiefbauLIVE, open-air grounds

Key themes

Several exhibitors and associations will deliver presentations at TiefbauLIVE on issues related to machinery, equipment and services in road construction and conduit construction. Visitors to the trade fair will also be able to take part in expert tours and exciting demonstration building sites that focus on the latest issues in the industry and highlight potential solutions.
Do you work in one of these areas? Then TiefbauLIVE is the perfect event for you, whether you are an exhibitor or visitor.

Parallel event RecyclingAKTIV

Simultaneously with TiefbauLIVE the demonstration trade fair for waste removal and recycling RecyclingAKTIV takes place. The key themes of TiefbauLIVE, conduit constrcution and road construction will be perfectly complemented by the following material focuses:

  • Scrap & Metal
  • Wood & Biomass
  • Demolition
  • Plastics
  • Paper, Paperboard and Cardboard

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